The Health & Fitness Delusion: Why working out doesn’t make you healthy.


Have you ever over-indulged?  Justifying the behavior with “I did a crazy workout today” or “I will do a crazy workout tomorrow to burn it off” so you feel like you earned that indulgence?

When you exercise, do you only classify a workout as being good if you are being mopped up off the floor afterward? Boot campers I’m looking at you!

It is a safe assumption that most people consider Health and Fitness as one in the same. Well intentioned people often exercise to improve their health, however, when accessing peoples motives for health, exercise is often used as a tool to justify poor health behaviours, not to become healthier.

So, you can be fit and unhealthy, as well as healthy and unfit.

Ok, so what is the difference between health and fitness?

Fitness is the ability to perform a task and can only be defined by parameters one is using to measure it.

Health is the optimal interplay of the organs and neuromuscular system.

Therefore, Fitness=/=Health

One may have the appearance of health, but what is going on inside may be a disaster. Over training, not enough variation, not enough recovery, pain etc. The point of working out (fitness) should be to improve health. However, exercising is often used to supplement/justify/rectify other unhealthy behaviours.

An example of un-healthy behaviour would be “I had a crazy workout this morning, so I’ve eared this donut” or “I had way too much cheese cake last night, so I need to do an extra long workout today”. By no means am I saying you cannot enjoy the finer things in life, but if you feel the need to earn something or work it off later, how much are you really enjoying it? The goal should be to have a healthy enough lifestyle that affords you an occasional indulgence without guilt.

Ok, so how is working out contributing to un-healthy behaviour? First, lets define the difference between Working-out and Training:

Training is when you engage in an activity in order to prepare for a specific task or goal. Working out is exercising for the soul purpose of exercising.

The key distinctions to make are that training is goal oriented and you follow a program that is planned, progressive, periodized, specific and focuses on weak points.

While working out is generally done to burn calories, break a sweat, and to get a feeling of fatigue. Workouts are often made up as you go and limited to your knowledge, mood or exercise preference.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with working out for the sake of working out as part of maintaining an active healthy lifestyle. However, I will go on record as saying TRAINING IS SUPERIOR TO WORKING OUT. When you are on a training program, it means you have identified a GOAL and have made a PLAN to achieve it, not only in the training program itself, but through all other behaviours. Whether your goal is weight loss or to get stronger, your training program should reflect your goal, as should your sleeping and eating habits. If your only goal of a workout is to be mopped up off the floor afterwards, your progress will be limited, and after a while the only thing you will be progressing is your tolerance to pain.

The beauty of a training program is that it reduces impulse. By defining a goal, you take willpower out of the equation. You know what you have to do on what days. Your brain doesn’t know the difference between CAN and CAN’T, it only knows FOCUS, and right now you are focused on that donut. Even if you are telling yourself “no”, you’re still thinking about it. The good news is, that donut no longer tempts you because it isn’t in line with your goals and the new you that you have so vividly imagined being. You also now know that the idea of “earning” or “burning off” something is unproductive you can no longer justify or rectify behaviours that aren’t in alignment with your goals.

So, if you have a “soft” goal of losing weight and your workouts are unstructured and often revolve around other dysfunctional behaviours, perhaps it is time to harden up your goals. Get out of the habit of trying to undo an unproductive behaviour, and start aligning your behaviours. Surround yourself with people who are supportive and facilitate you in reaching your goals by encouraging and enabling positive behaviours and not negative ones. If your nutritional and physical literacy is low, than I highly recommend seeking the help and support of professionals who can help.

Healthy Regards,

Dr Jaritt Ptolemy DC



Fall Programs than can help you reach your Health and Fitness goals:

Heath and Fitness Training

FOUNDATIONS – Movement is medicine! However, poor movement leads to injury and pain. Exercise should make you more resilient by building you up, not by slowly breaking you down. In order to do so, you will need a strong foundation. Hence why the Foundations program focuses on finding proper postures, building stability around those postures and incorporating that into all major movements (squatting, running, gardening, everything). It is designed to set you up for further fitness success with less pain and risk of injury.

4 weeks (8 pre-registered classes)

Evening option: Sept 5 -28
Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 5:30pm

Morning option: Sept 6 – 29
Wednesdays & Fridays @ 8:30am

Each session customized to you and your abilities. (small group
sessions of 4-6 people)

KETTLE BELL Strength and Conditioning Level 1 – Kettle Bell training is by far the most efficient way to burn fat and gain strength. This is not a bootcamp, it is a practice! Each session will get progressively more difficult in nature based on the movements and intensity so that you progress along with the program. Expect improvements in overall well-being, strength, cardiovascular fitness and exercise knowledge. You are not expected to have fun, but you probably will!

4 weeks (8 pre-registered classes)

Evening option: Sept 5 -28
Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 6:30pm

Morning option: Sept 6 – 29
Wednesdays & Fridays @ 7:30am
Each session customized to you and your abilities. (small group
sessions of 4-6 people)

RUN 2.0 Program Level 1 – RUN 2.0 Program Level 1 – Running is a skill! Yet the extent of most runner’s skill training consists solely of learning how to tie up their shoe laces. Learning proper running biomechanics is the forefront of this program. Running distance and programming are an afterthought until mechanics are dialed in. Proper running mechanics not only allows you to run faster and farther than with less effort, but it will significantly reduce time lost to injury. Whether you are a beginner wanting to start your training off on the right foot, or an experienced runner wanting to burst through a plateau with less time lost to injury, this program is for you!

This program is supplemented extremely well with either the Foundations or Level 1 Kettle Bell Program.

4 weeks (4 pre-registered classes)
Sept 9 – 30

Morning option: Sat @ 9:00am
Evening option: Monday @ 6:00pm

*** If you are unable to make one of the 4 run sessions you can make this up by dropping into another session


MOBILITY SESSIONS – A challenging drop in class that focuses on
improving joint mobility/flexibility, control and co-ordination
while reducing stiffness and pain.

Mondays  12:00 -12:45 pm (Lunch time drop in)



12 WEEK NUTRITION & LIFESTYLE Program is designed to help you
implement new and sustainable habits to improve your wellness! In
this program we will address the following lifestyle habits: sleep,
stress management, physical activity, play and pleasure, meal timing
and frequency, hydration, gut health, adequate protein, carbohydrate
and fat intake, added sugars, gluten and dairy.

Tuesdays 8:00am – 8:30am or Thursdays 6:00pm – 6:30pm
September 19 – December 14th


Tuesdays from 12:05-1:00pm
– starting September 12th – October 17 – 55 Minutes – Beginners Yoga . ($98.00 plus GST for 6 non-refundable prepaid sessions)

Thursdays from 6:00-7:15pm
– starting September 14th – October 19 – 75 minutes – Intermediate Yoga —
*** (students must have attended at least two of Kailie’s beginners series and are ready for more advanced sequencing/postures).*** ($92.00 plus GST for 6 non-refundable prepaid sessions)



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