Do you want to run FASTER and FARTHER while logging less miles and experiencing less pain? The Movement Academy’s Run 2.0 Program – coming to Victoria’s Rise Health in the New Year!

8 week program starting January 15th, 2017
Sundays @10am for drills, technique and speed training
Tuesdays @ 5:15pm for fun run, mobility training and corrective exercises
Price: $299
Call 250 381 7473 to register.

A lot different than your traditional running program and geared toward both beginner and experienced runners. The “2.0” is not indicative of a level, it simply means you are upgrading your ability to run.

At the Movement Academy, our concept is built around becoming a better runner by first developing the SKILL of running. Most traditional running programs give periodized running prescriptions that only build up a TOLERANCE to running. Although you are improving your conditioning, we believe that it comes at a cost. First, there is a ceiling to your conditioning and how much volume your body can tolerate. Second, you are only conditioning yourself to run at a pace much slower than your potential, so your ceiling for running faster never improves. This will leave you prone to plateau’s, injuries and frustration. With the Movement Academy’s Run 2.0 program the focus is on becoming a technically proficient runner through optimizing biomechanics and minimizing unnecessary energy expenditure. Combined with a decrease in mileage, the result is a significant drop in risk for injury. Become a faster runner through drills, technique and speed work, making plateau’s a thing of past. A constantly evolving training schedule provides variety and makes training a lot more fun!

Our Approach:

Biomechanical gait analysis – Each program registrant will receive a movement screen and running gait analysis by Dr Jaritt Ptolemy prior to commencing the program.

Master the skill of running – Practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect. Being a technically proficient runner is the foundation in which endurance and speed can be built.

Reduced Mileage – When you improve your biomechanical proficiency as a runner, running becomes much easier as you expend less energy. Which in turn will allow you to run longer without having to log excessive miles.

Reduced training intensity – In order to build a strong aerobic foundation, it is important ensure the aerobic system is being utilized during training. Pace is ideally dictated by heart rate, and as running proficiency and conditioning improves so will the pace, all while maintaining the same heart rate.

Speed Development – Yes, even if you run marathons! We believe speed is a skill that is developed, not something given to you at birth. We incorporate speed training to tap into improved neuromuscular facilitation while strengthening and utilizing the elastic qualities of your muscles and fascia. This means much more ability to generate force, all while requiring less energy. For example lets take two marathoners. One has a top speed of 6 meters/second an the other 8 meters/second. If they are running at the same pace or 3m/s, the 6 m/s runner is much closer to top speed and thus working much closer to capacity, and therefore working much harder than the other runner. Not to mention the 8 m/s runner has the capacity to easily pull away from the 6 m/s runner at any time.

Strength and mobility – Adequate joint mobility is the foundation in which strength and fitness is built as it enables optimal mechanics while reducing risk of injury. “Greater strength increases your performance in absolutely everything” Pavel Tsatsouline. The bigger your engine, the lower the perceived level of exertion. Run faster and burn more fat.

Info Night -RISE is hosting an information night to learn more about the Run 2.0 program on Monday December 19th @5:30pm. Please email Dr Jaritt Ptolemy at to RSVP for the info night.

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