Dr. Jaritt Ptolemy DC – designated chiropractor but likens himself to be more of a physical preparation therapist and coach.

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New to Victoria, Dr. Ptolemy spent the past seven years of practicing downtown Toronto within the financial district. With a keen interest in performance and a strength and conditioning background he built a practice and a niche for himself by helping people get back to an active pain free lifestyle. Dr. Ptolemy believes that when you only have a hammer, everything will look like a nail. This is why he has a plethora of treatment options in his tool belt to give patients the individualized treatment they need for an optimal recovery. He also believes that the keys to a successful treatment plan starts with a thorough assessment and patient education, as optimal recovery and sustained improvements come from a team approach between the patient and the therapists at RISE Health.

He received his Honours degree in kinesiology from McMaster University, followed by his doctor of chiropractic degree from Canadian memorial chiropractic college (CMCC). While at CMCC he became a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) through the NSCA and a certified Contemporary Medical Acupuncture provider through McMaster University. Dr. Ptolemy has previously been a lecturer at McGill University, a course instructor for Darby Training Systems and has worked and traveled with two national level teams in the Women’s National Soccer Team and the Men’s National Rugby League Team.


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