12 Week Nutrition & Lifestyle Reset Program with Dr. Marie-Ève Gagné, Ph.D.


Nutrition & Lifestyle Reset Program
with Dr. Marie-Ève Gagné, Ph.D.


Are you often TIRED, having POOR SLEEP, LACKING ENERGY to exercise, struggling with POOR CONCENTRATION and MENTAL FOGGINESS, battling MOOD SWINGS, or having difficulty CONTROLLING YOUR WEIGHT?  Do you feel that you would like to gain more control over your lifestyle and health?
This Nutrition & Lifestyle Reset Program is designed to help you implement new and sustainable habits to improve your wellness!  Over the course of 12 weeks this program will give you enough time for your body to respond to the changes and for your brain to assimilate the new habits.

In this program we will address the following lifestyle habits:

Stress management
Non-exercise physical activity
Physical activity
Play and pleasure
Meal timing and frequency
Gut health
Adequate protein
Carbohydrate and fat intake
Added sugars
Gluten and dairy


The program consists of one weekly meeting of 30 minutes, documents with full description of the habits and tips for their implementation, tracking sheet to emphasize adherence and consistency, and support from a coach/support person/mentor and peers within the group setting to ensure your success!

Price:  12 (30 min) pre-registered classes for ­­$300
Time:  Tuesdays from 8:00 – 8:30am OR Fridays from 6:00 – 6:30pm
Start Date:  Week of April 4th 2017
LocationRise Upstairs Studio
Call the clinic for more details and to reserve your spot!



Program fee is paid upon registration
Minimum 5 and maximum 6 registrants required to run program
Classes are for preregistered students only and are non-transferable
Missed classes are not eligible for refund


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