Welcoming Bryn Thompson back to Victoria and to the RISE Health Team September 2018!

Bryn’s expertise of working with the body started in high school. Now almost 30 years later after an international rowing career, a physiotherapy degree, a diploma in advanced manipulative therapy, and many other specialized trainings, Bryn works intimately with people to help them unravel complex presentations and enhance the function of their bodies. He views the interaction between therapist and patient as a dance between scientific rigor, skillful artistic interaction, intuitive wisdom, and the wisdom of the unknown.

Tailoring his approach to match the needs of the patient, Bryn weaves myofascial release, manipulative therapy, movement retraining, tension/trauma release exercises, IMS/dry needling, and other tools to facilitate pathways to healing for the patient.

With extensive experience in many different populations – elite athletes, professional dancers, corporate executives, therapists and movement teachers, spiritual gurus, ranchers, loggers, forest fire fighters, dip netters, homesteaders, and weekend warriors – Bryn appreciates diversity and has the capacity to meet people where they are at.

Bryn returns to Victoria after years of travel and exploration from Colorado to the Tatalyoko Valley (in the heart of the Chilcotin) where he and his family built an off grid home in the wilderness. He, his wife Lisa, and his three boys are active skiers, cyclists, climbers, hikers, musicians, and lovers of life!


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