Welcoming Caroline Farquhar – Alan Herdman Pilates Certification


Caroline approaches Pilates as the ideal foundation for each individual to source their best physical condition: whether they are recovering from injury, dealing with chronic pain, or striving to put the pieces together for their best athletic performance.  The deep focus on body awareness and structural integration in Pilates can have profound effects on an individual’s physical health and performance, as well as their emotional wellbeing.  By peeling the layers of movement down to the fundamentals, patterns and imbalances that the individual was completely unaware of are uncovered – past fears/traumas can be released, and strong functional movement rebuilt….


Caroline first came to Pilates as a professional Contemporary Dance artist looking for support & rehab to allay the demands of training in everything from ballet to martial arts, 8 hour rehearsal days, and coming back from the injuries that are inevitable in elite level performance.  Chronic lower back pain due to an undiagnosed scoliosis & associated muscle imbalance finally culminated in the decision to pursue a full time career in Pilates.  Caroline attained her first instructor certification through the PhysicalMind Institute of Canada in 2010.


For the past seven years, Caroline has been teaching in studios and clinics across London, UK with a strong focus on physical rehabilitation, as well as working with clients of all ages, from all walks of life and athletic ability, and pre/post-natal exercise.  Having been through her own career changing injury and recovery process, Caroline brings a wealth of experience, understanding, and positivity – knowing that the human body is capable of greater change, recovery and performance than we sometimes believe is possible.




~ Mat & Apparatus Instructor certification PhysicalMind Institute of Canada

~ Mat & Apparatus Instructor certification Alan Herdman Pilates  – London, UK

~ Nordic Walking UK Instructor Certification


Further Studies


~ Pilates for Breast Cancer/Breast Reconstruction Surgery Rehabilitation

~ Pilates for Amputees

~ Pilates for Hip Strengthening & Mobility – hip replacements & arthritis



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