Welcoming Clinical Counsellors Genevieve Stonebridge and Alex Sterling to the RISE Health team! Clinical counselling can offer support in Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Pain, Grief and Loss, Stress Management, Mindfulness and many other life challenges.

Exciting news at RISE Health! We are happy to announce we will be adding Clinical Counselling Services to our wide range of treatments already offered at RISE Health. We are welcoming clinical counsellors Genevieve Stonebridge and Alex Sterling to the RISE Health team in July.

People may seek counselling for a variety of reasons, and everyone can use support and guidance from a professional at some point in their life. Whether you want to navigate changes in your life, gain clarity or new perspectives, or pursue a deeper sense of happiness, Genevieve and Alex can help you achieve your goals in an environment where you can feel safe, heard, supported and inspired.The following are specific areas clinical counselling can support you in:

· Anxiety
· Depression
· Trauma
· Pain
· Disordered eating: emotional eating and binge eating
· Grief and Loss
· Life transitions (including career)
· Identity and self-exploration
· Stress Management
· Mindfulness
· Workplace wellness (e.g., compassion fatigue, burnout, vicarious trauma, organizational health)
· Family dynamics
· Relationship support
· Creativity blocks
· Chronic illness, degenerative diseases (eg., cancer) and health traumas
· Self-esteem and body image issues
· Communication and interpersonal skills
· Deepening overall satisfaction and happiness


If you are interested in counselling with Genevieve and would like to learn more you can book a free 20 minute telephone consultation with her by emailing her at stonebridgecounselling@gmail.com

If you are interested in counselling with Alex you can click the ‘book now’ tab at the top right of the page to reserve your spot for an initial consult.

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