Welcoming Darren Zagrodney, Physiotherapist to Rise Health!

When he first meets with a client, Darren‘s goal is to settle their immediate pain, but also to identify habits, movements, or activities they can either change or adopt to stop the pain from recurring.

This is accomplished by merging what the client’s body has to tell him with the client’s history, current life situation and activities, as well as their future goals. He then determines what caused the problem and how the client can change their situation to avoid it in the future.

“I am always excited to find that one small change a client can easily adopt that will improve their movement and decrease their pain for the rest of their lives.”

Darren‘s experience as a top level competitive swimmer in his younger years, his lifelong passion for martial arts, and his continued love of most outdoor activities has helped him understand physical issues and injuries from a first hand perspective.

“Life outside of work and study really hasn’t changed much since I was seven. I still play as hard as I can, as much as I can, and I ride my bike everywhere I go.”

Darren continues to revel in learning. Having graduated from Queen’s University in 2002 with a Bachelor’s of Physical Therapy(BScPT), a Master’s in Science(MSc), and training in Acupuncture. He has since completed his intermediate orthopeadic levels in manual therapy, spinal manipulation(Swodeam 2009), and Intermuscular Stimulation (Gunn IMS2010), as well as various manual therapy courses. More recently he completed the second level of Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST 2019-20) and Lifestretch (2022).

“I look forward to beginning another educational journey a little outside of my usual wheelhouse with Breathwork and Somatic Experience training in the next few years.”

When not on the move or studying Darren loves to cook, bake, and eat vegan delights, but he survives mostly on dark chocolate. His favourite place to be is 5 meters down, nestled within a coral reef.

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