WHAT IS PLATELET RICH PLASMA (PRP)? PRP is derived from whole blood and contains:1. A small amount of plasma 2. A high concentration of platelets (up to a 8-10 fold increase relative to whole blood) Whole blood is composed of:1. 55% plasma2. … Continued

Self-Care Through Yoga

We are pleased to present the Self-care through Yoga series presented by RISE Health practitioners Sandy Baril, Hayley Stroebel and Kailie Woods. The 4 class series is presented to give you tools, practices and education to help you along your … Continued

Welcoming Darren Zagrodney, Physiotherapist to Rise Health!

When he first meets with a client, Darren‘s goal is to settle their immediate pain, but also to identify habits, movements, or activities they can either change or adopt to stop the pain from recurring. This is accomplished by merging what the client’s body has to tell him with the client’s history, current life … Continued

✨ Rising through Menopause✨

We are so thrilled to announce its back! ✨ Rising through Menopause✨🌷Join Hayley and Sandy’s yoga and education series starting Friday, February 11th from 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm! 🌱This in-person series will highlight the changes that occur through menopause … Continued

Curious about Clinical Counselling Services at Rise?

Counselling is a collaborative and dynamic approach to self-compassion, healing and support.  Benefits of counselling could include gaining personal insights, learning new ways to cope with or solve interpersonal conflicts, or changing unwanted behaviours. It can offer a space to … Continued

Yoga Physiotherapy for the Pelvic Floor

Yoga for the Pelvic Floor! The pelvic floor muscle group is responsible for many important functions including support of the pelvis and pelvic organs, bladder control, bowel health and sexual function. A well functioning pelvic floor is essential to health … Continued

Pelvic Floor Health Article #3- Male Pelvic Pain

  #3 Male Pelvic Pain – “The reality is that men with pelvic pain have an even harder time getting a proper diagnosis and treatment than women with pelvic pain. For one thing, the medical community systematically misdiagnoses any pelvic … Continued