Welcoming Milah Smith, BSc., MA, CCC, Clinical Counsellor

I am a clinical counsellor who wants to a create a space where you feel safe to be yourself and explore. Together we can explore anything and everything, including issues from past hurt and trauma, grief and loss, dealing with challenging relationships, celebrating and exploring gender and sexuality journeys, or simply carving out time for yourself to be and reflect.

Throughout my life I have been struck by the misunderstanding and stigma around mental and emotional wellness that I have come across, therefore working in a trauma informed and response based way is at the heart of how I would like to show up with you. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and a Masters of Clinical Counselling from City University of Seattle. My experience supporting people with chronic pain and head injuries informs my work around the importance of connection to our bodies and integrating our physical, emotional and mental health. I feel as though everyone has amazing ways of staying alive and keeping themselves safe when going through the world, and I know there can come a time where those protections do not feel that they are helping any more. It is my hope that by creating connection and trust through working together that we can find ways of integrating traumatic experiences, reclaiming our sense of our self and tuning into our intuition and strength.

As a queer person who has diverse relationships, this is something that I hold close to my heart and know that at times it can be difficult to find understanding. I aim to create a space where you know that you can lean into all the parts of yourself that in other areas of your life you might have to hold back. This is important to me because I know that the world has not caught up to all of the amazing expressive ways of being there are and it is not always safe for us to be fully ourselves. Therefore, I hope for you to feel a comforting presence ready to talk and explore, and together find new ways of being and expressing.

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