Yoga Physiotherapy for the Pelvic Floor

Yoga for the Pelvic Floor!

The pelvic floor muscle group is responsible for many important functions including support of the pelvis and pelvic organs, bladder control, bowel health and sexual function. A well functioning pelvic floor is essential to health and overall core stability. Knowledge of the location and movement of your pelvic floor muscles is essential to proper functioning.

Yoga is an excellent way to improve body awareness and with proper guidance you can develop a sophisticated awareness of your pelvic floor. Through the use of breath, you can learn to release and relax the pelvic floor, which is essential to its function. Yoga can also be used to engage the pelvic floor and develop adequate strength. The pelvic floor has also been shown to be influenced by the stress response of the nervous system. The breath, mindfulness and postures of yoga help to decrease general stress and improve sense of self. Through the grounding practice of yoga and the movement of the pelvic floor with breath, your pelvic health can be optimized.

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